My Professional Training

I received my Master of Science degree in Counseling and Clinical Psychology from Western Washington University in 1986 and my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from WWU in 1983.      

I also hold the following credentials:

Washington State Department of Health Licensed Mental Health Counselor

My Specialty in Online Counseling

I became involved in developing ways of using the Internet and mobile technology to provide mental health care in 2004. There are many reasons millions of people suffer through life's difficulties and never get the help they need to feel better, including:

  • mental and emotional symptoms are often undetected and undiagnosed 
  • physical obstacles like mobility, transportation and childcare prevent access to care locations
  • there is still some stigma about psychological problems and people feel ashamed to seek help

Bringing counseling to people where they are located instead of requiring people to come to us just makes sense -- as long as professional standards for confidentiality and client safety are met.  I have extensive training in "doing it right" so that you get the best possible results.  

My Support for Integrated Care 

I am strong supporter of integrating diagnosis and treatment of mental health and physical health. As a consumer, your care is more timely and cost effective when your health care providers communicate regularly. With your permission, as part of your health care team I will coordinate  with your other health care providers to optimize treatment so you can feel your best. 

My Company: Life Counseling LLC

Life Counseling was originally founded in 2005 for pursuing the research and development of my virtual counseling practice design. Due to the economic downturn, R & D was suspended in 2009. Life Counseling opened again in 2011, offering a range of mental health services from traditional in-person counseling to secure, HIPAA-compliant online counseling and mobile counseling services. Clients ages 13 and older from all cultural, racial, and economic backgrounds, religious traditions, sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome. 

My Connection to Bellingham 

I have lived here for over 30 years, enjoying all of the wonderful things it has to offer with my husband and children. My favorite activities include spending time with family, rock collecting, swimming, learning new things and pretty much anything to do with computers.

I've been involved with the WWU Alumni Association, WWU Old Main Society, Whatcom County Dahlia Society, Whatcom Mothers of Multiples, Unity Church, Mosaic Church, four Montessori schools, public health education, community mental health and other activities. I love this wonderful, creative, progressive, caring community and am happy to contribute what I can.