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Welcome to Life Counseling

 Life can be hard. Demands come at us in every possible form. From huge, life-changing events to small, annoying daily hassles, stress adds up and starts weighing you down. You are not alone.

Much like our physical health, our mental and emotional health are vulnerable to stress. Depression and anxiety are now among the most frequently searched health topics on the Internet.

  • One in five Americans today struggles with a mental or emotional problem that significantly lowers their quality of life 
  • Each of us has about a 50-50 chance this will occur at some point in our lifetime 

Having family members and friends to talk with helps, but their advice and encouragement isn't always enough. I strongly believe that you are a capable human being and if you could fix this by yourself, then you would have done so by now.  

Sometimes a person comes to a point where they don't have the knowledge, skills or support they need and don't know what to do next. Professional counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists are the mental health version of traditional doctors, nurses and other providers who help with your physical health care. I am  specially trained to consult with you and come up with a plan to be as mentally and emotionally fit as you can be--which has a big impact on your life satisfaction too. 

As your counselor, I will give you the benefit of my full attention and expertise to:  

  • gain a better understanding of the problem(s) and symptoms you are coping with  
  • learn how your mind and emotions work and how to take charge of them
  • come up with new ways of thinking which help lower your stress level 
  • identify specific solutions and skills for overcoming dysfunctional patterns
  • create and use a customized plan for continuing personal growth after therapy

I am here to serve you with empathy, compassion and respect.  I look forward to working together building a foundation you can rely on every day as you move in the direction of living the more meaningful, satisfying and relaxed life you want to live.